Microplastics the Macro Problem


“Primary microplastics are pieces of plastic that have been manufactured to be less than 5mm long. In this category, we have microbeads, tiny plastic spheres used as exfoliants in face wash, toothpaste, deodorant and just about any other beauty products on the shelves. This category includes nurdles: small plastic pellets that are melted down to create large plastic items. Secondary microplastics are the shredded fragments of larger plastic products that have been worn down into tiny pieces. This category includes fibers from carpets and garments that have been broken down in the washing process.” Says Dr. Holly Nel who shared her research findings with us during a series of talks she did during the first week of October.

  Grade 7 pupils could not believe their eyes or ears when they heard and saw how harmful microplastics actually are to both humans and the environment. Furthermore, pupils were asked to categorize plastics according to their recycling numbers. The information sessions and practical activities were super informative to everyone who was part of the sessions. We will surely think twice before using that straw or buying that facewash.


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