Saving the Breede River's Floral Treasure

Renosterveld is a non-fynbos vegetation type associated with shale-derived soils of the Overberg. These soils contain clay which make them relatively fertile.


The salt marshes of the Breede

A salt marsh is a coastal ecosystem in the upper intertidal zone between land and open saltwater that is regularly flooded by the tides.


Snake Awareness and First Aid

Its snake season, and at the Breede you can expect to see a number of venomous and non-venomous species.


The Milkwood

Sideroxylon inerme (white milkwood, Afrikaans: wit-melkhout) is an indigenous coastal tree, with dense foliage, black berries and small, greenish flowers.


The importance of eelgrass

Zostera species or eelgrass, occurs as dense beds on intertidal and shallow subtidal mud and sand flats in sheltered shallow inlets, bays, estuaries and saline lagoons.


Reeds and Sedges

Reeds and sedges are represented by a few species: Common Reed (Phragmites australis), Bulrush (Typha capensis), Papgras (Schoenoplectus scirpiodes) and Umbrella Sedge (Cyperus textilis).