Conservancy Membership

The Lower Breede River Conservancy Trust is a registered non-profit organisation that is dedicated to ensuring the sustainable use of the Breede Estuary. As the Lower Breede River bisects two district municipalities, the LBRCT acts as the implementing agent for compliance of the municipal by-laws, as well as biological monitoring of the estuary. Funding strictly covers our mandate, however in order to expand and initiate new projects to conserve the Breede's rich biodiversity we promote a membership subscription.

100% of your membership fees go towards a good cause, including:

  • Funding conservation projects
  • Animals rescues and snake removals
  • Publishing newsletters
  • Updating equipment
  • Organising holiday programs
  • Producing educational signage
  • And much more...

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    R100.00 (1 July 2023 – 30 June 2024)R500.00 (1 July 2023 – 30 June 2028)

    Bank details:

    Lower Breede River Conservancy Trust
    Bank: Standard Bank
    Branch code: 051001
    Account No: 332775992
    ( To facilitate allocation, please use your Surname and Initials as the reference. Proof of payment to be sent to )

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