Drone Regulations in the Overberg and Eden Districts


(unless you are a licensed pilot with permission from the CAA and the SAAF)

The FAR147 Overberg Restricted Airspace area is shown with green borders in the image above. It extends from De Kelders in the west to Gouritzmond in the east and includes all the coastal towns in between. It also extends inland and includes towns such as Bredasdorp.

Hobbyist drone pilots may not fly in Restricted Airspace without exception.

RPL license holders with a valid ROC may only fly in Restricted Airspace with specific permission in writing from the CAA and must also get permission from the Military ATC at Overberg Airforce Base beforehand.


Devices such as, but not limited to, bait-carrying drones, bait-carrying remote-controlled boats and bait canons, as well as motorised electric reels are used by recreational anglers to illegally catch fish as well as sharks. These devices are prohibited for use of angling in terms of the Regulations promulgated in terms if the Marine Living Resources Act, 1998 (Act No. 18 of 1998) ("MLRA").

In terms of the Regulations, "angling" means recreational fishing by manually operating a rod, reel and line or one or more separate lines to which no more than ten hooks are attached per line.

Therefore, it is clear that angling is limited both from the shore and from vessels, to fishing by manually operating a rod, reel and line.

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