While the authorities ultimately responsible for ensuring protection of our valuable natural resources are contributing, they simply cannot afford to allocate sufficient of their available funds to meet the estuary’s needs.  There are 62 estuaries in the Western Cape and all need support, but the Breede is one of the two largest and most important and we all need to play a role in preserving it.

Public support is therefore very important and in the case of the Breede 100% of your subscriptions will be put to the best possible use to help maintain the infrastructure that has taken many years to put in place and go a long way to help replace some very old equipment that dates back to the last century.

Please remember that the LBRC is part of a non-profit Trust and that all members of the management committee offer their services completely free of charge or remuneration.

If you still take an active interest in, or use, the Breede River Estuary we hope that we can persuade you to become a member of the LBRCT and to support our endeavours on your behalf by way of your contribution to these efforts.

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    Lower Breede River Conservancy Trust
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    ( To facilitate allocation, please use your Surname and Initials as the reference. Proof of payment to be sent to info@breede-river.org )