What goes ‘good-lord-deliver-us’ at night?

The Fiery-necked nightjar occupies a large area of Africa south of the equator, avoiding extremely arid areas, mainly occurring in … Read More

World Wetlands Day 2017

On 02 February 2017 we had a special awareness program that we ran for De Waalville and Vondeling Primary schools. … Read More

Witsand Beach Clean-up, 21 January 2017

On Saturday 21 January, a team of passionate volunteers joined us for the beach clean-up. These are the amounts of … Read More

Arbor Day 2016 at Slangrivier Primary

National Arbor Week is celebrated in South Africa from 1 to 7 September annually. It is a government initiated campaign … Read More

World Oceans Day at Vondeling

World Oceans day saw the LBRCT teaming up with SANparks to have some fun and talk some science at Vondeling. … Read More

Rangers Report – August 2016

We are now well into winter and with this change of season we have, as expected, noticed a big change … Read More

What to look for in a shop bait freezer

We all know that when it comes to fishing, the fresher the bait is, the better the chances are of … Read More

Slaughtering Practises in Fishing: A savage affair?

I am an avid angler, and there is nothing I love more than fishing recreationally, and from time to time … Read More

The flipside: The Indo-pacific humpback dolphin

The Breede is abound with an array of fascinating species, all equally in need of protection and attention. However, it … Read More

Weird and Wonderful things you can find on the Breede…

The Kyles LloydusKyle Lloyd is our newest weird and wonderful thing to be found on the Breede. Kyle is a … Read More

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