Issue 41

August 2022

A typical misty winter's morning on the Breede River - Ⓒ Jacque Smit

Beautiful river reflections

There's no wonder why this kitesurfing spot is regarded as one of the best in the world!

Mission Statement

The mission of the LBRCT is to conserve and protect in a sustainable manner, the natural resources and living species in the biological and ecologically sensitive Breede River Estuary and the adjoining land areas while at the same time promoting safe and lawful recreational use.

If you take an active interest in, or use, the Breede River Estuary we hope that you will consider becoming a member of the LBRCT and support our endeavours by contributing to these efforts.

Participate in our new

biodiversity projects

Would you like to improve your knowledge on all the plants and animals of the Breede River Estuary? Help us identify and map the fauna and flora using the fun and easy-to-use iNaturalist app!

We've added the three main areas along our Estuary, namely Witsand, Infanta and Malagas, as individual projects to get a better understanding of which species occur where. Click here to check out the Fauna and Flora of the Breede River Estuary for yourselves.

The LBRCT will be hosting a Spring Bioblitz from the 30th of September to the 14th of October. A bioblitz is an event held over a short period of time where as many plant and animal observations are recorded as possible. More information including a special iNaturalist tutorial will be coming soon...

Spring BioBlitz Countdown


Meet our Rangers

Chadwun Rozenkrantz

In each issue of our newsletter we will introduce another member of our team...


Chadwun Rozenkrantz


20 years old


Assistant Ranger


Matric, Peace Officers, Skippers Licence




Cars, Cricket, Wildlife and NSRI Lifesaving

Short Article:

Chad joined the Conservancy in August 2021, just over one year ago. Since then he has enjoyed learning a variety of new skills. By participating in BioBlitzes and helping with monthly bird counts, Chad has improved his ability to identify local species. His role as an Assistant Ranger requires him to work alongside the Senior Rangers whom he assists with law enforcement, data management and field operations. Recently, Chad obtained his Skippers Licence as well as completed his Peace Officer training. In his off time you might find Chad volunteering at the NSRI in Wistand. He is polite and friendly, so call him over and have a chat!

We need your help!

Be on the lookout for Water Hyacinth and Parrot Feather

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has tasked the LBRCT with identifying hotspot areas of invasive aquatic weeds, specifically Water Hyacinth and Parrot's Feather.

If you know of any large stands of Water Hyacinth or Parrot's Feather, please take photographs and contact the LBRCT:

028 537 1296 / 064 774 3862

This information will be used to determine whether biological control measures (bugs) are appropriate as eradication tools.

Winter Photo Competition Winner

Congratulations to AJ Erasmus

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Your Boat Licence is due for Renewal

Recreational boat licences for the Breede River are available from any of our five outlets as well as online (link below). In accordance with the Municipal Financial Year, all licences are valid from the 1st of July 2022 until the 30th of June 2023.

Please note: Commercial licences are required for vessels used in commercial operations, such as chartering, rentals and houseboats. Please apply in writing to

Breede River Locations Map

Click here to view a map of the Breede River Estuary, containing all the names of local spots, sandbanks to look out for, public launch sites, Municipal boat licence sales outlets and more!

Join us for the International Coastal Cleanup

It's nearly Clean-up and Recycle Week (12 - 17 Sep), and the Breede River is not missing out!

Every year in September passionate and dedicated environmentalists from all over the world join forces in an effort to combat global pollution by volunteering to pick up litter along the coast. This event is the largest volunteer clean-up initiative worldwide, and you can be a part of it.

This year the International Coastal Clean-up is taking place on the 17th of September. However, as a proud clean-up partner the LBRCT is conducting clean-ups over two days to tackle both Witsand and Infanta on both sides of the mouth.

Please join us on:

Friday, 16th of September

  • Witsand Main Beach @ 09h30 (Beach clean-up)
  • Kraaltjie Slipway @ 11:30 (Estuary clean-up)

Saturday, 17th of September

  • Infanta Slipway @ 10h00 (Both beach and estuary clean-up)

Monthly Monitoring

Water Quality and Bird Counts

Summary of August's Results

Freshwater reached 0 km from mouth
Coldest Temperature: 0 °C
0 Birds Counted

The LBRCT conducts a monthly bird count and water quality run on the Breede River. Both operations are conducted at spring low tide (full moon and new moon). On the water quality run this is to account for the pushing tide increasing the salinity of the water upriver as we travel and test. Whereas the bird count takes place at low tide to observe and record the different species as they forage on the exposed mudflats.

For the latest results please click here.

Last but not least!

The Lemoentuin Rules and Etiquette signs have been installed.

The installment of the Lemoentuin Rules and Etiquette signs complete the project with each of the five major residential zones in the Malagas area receiving personalised sign boards. These signs aim at promoting orderly behaviour and neighbourliness whilst providing visitors with a sense of place.

Conservancy Caps for Sale

You can now be a proud ambassador of the Lower Breede River Conservancy Trust. Our embroidered peak caps are durable and come in a variety of colours, namely grey, khaki and charcoal (limited stock available).

Paid-up Members - R200

Non-members - R250

If you would like to order one or more caps, please send an email to

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