Issue 39

April 2022

Black Harriers (Circus maurus) are vulnerable endemics - © Jacque Smit

African paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone viridis) © Jacque Smit

Look out for our Malagas Area Signage

New 'Rules and Etiquette' signage has been installed in each area of Malagas, namely Nuyshoek, Malgas, Lemoentuin*, Matjieskloof and Diepkloof. These signs advise visitors and property owners of the rules and etiquette that are unique to the respective areas. Kindly take the time to stop and read the signs.

*Lemoentuin signs coming soon.

The LBRCT would like to thank the Malagas Residents' Association for sponsoring two of the signs, as well as Shaun Sale from Sale's Hire for the use of a jack hammer and generator.

Additionally, another sign was installed in Nuyshoek reminding property owners that it is unlawful to clear, plough or alter any indigenous Renosterveld habitat without prior authorisation from Environmental Affairs and the relevant Municipality.

Monthly Monitoring

Water Quality and Bird Count

The LBRCT conducts a monthly bird count and water quality run on the Breede River. Both operations are conducted at spring low tide (full moon and new moon). The water quality run is to account for the pushing tide increasing the salinity of the water upriver as we travel and test. The bird count it is to observe and record the different species of birds as they forage on the exposed mudflats.

For the latest results please click here.

Please be Vigilant and Drive Safely

© Jason Oxley

Wildlife is killed and injured every day on our roads. These animals cannot move freely due to fences and built up areas. Please be vigilant and drive within the speed limits. A maximum speed limit of 80 km/h is recommended on all dirt roads, as well as on the tar road leading to Heidelberg at night.

Drone Fishing is BANNED!

The High Court of South Africa has ruled that drone fishing, which enables bait to be placed far beyond casting range, can have a damaging effect on fish stocks and is strictly prohibited according to the Marine Living Resources Act, 1998 (Act No. 18 of 1998).

Breede River Locations Map

Click here to view all the popular locations along the Breede River Estuary and get to know their colloquial names!

Mission Statement

The mission of the LBRCT is to conserve and protect in a sustainable manner, the natural resources and living species in the biological and ecologically sensitive Breede River Estuary and the adjoining land areas while at the same time promoting safe and lawful recreational use.

If you take an active interest in, or use, the Breede River Estuary we hope that you will consider becoming a member of the LBRCT and support our endeavours by contributing to these efforts.

Help Protect our Natural Landscape

Please read our new webpage summarising the important laws that protect natural vegetation along the Breede River:

Included is information on Milkwood trees and reeds, as well as building regulations. We encourage you to share this link with your friends, family and neighbours.

Malgas Annual Information Meeting

The Malgas Annual Information meeting took place on the 16th of April

2022. If you were unable to attend the meeting and are interested in

what was said, the slides are available for download below:

Conservancy Caps for Sale

You can now be a proud ambassador of the Lower Breede River Conservancy Trust. Our embroidered peak caps are durable and come in a variety of colours, namely grey, khaki and charcoal (limited stock available).

Paid-up Members - R200

Non-members - R250

If you would like to order one or more caps, please send an email to

Participate in a Community Questionnaire

Tyla Cloete, a Masters student from the University of Cape Town, is currently conducting a social study on the impact that the Breede River Estuary has on local communities. Please take some time to answer her questions; the questionnaire can be accessed below.


April Photograph Competition

  • One vote per person.
  • Open any photo of your choice and select the star at the bottom left to vote.
  • The winner of April’s Photo Competition will be announced on Monday, 16 May 2022 via social media and on the website.
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