September 2021

Water Quality

For the first time in months the site with the highest salinity reading was not Moddergat (6 km from mouth), but rather at Goudmyn (8 km from mouth). A reading of 32.9 PSU at this location is close to sea water salinity, and more than ten units higher than last month (22.3 PSU). The temperature of the water is also increasing, with an average of 16.3°C for September compared to 13°C in August.

Bird Count

September's bird count on the Breede River revealed a healthy population of Marsh Sandpipers. A lot more summer migrants are returning to the estuary, and we are noticing more striking patterns of the birds as they start to develop their breeding plumage! Each month our bird count is sent to BirdLife Overberg, who records every bird species sighted and by whom. The LBRCT was the first to observe Marsh Sandpipers and the Common Tern this month! To view which birds were seen in the Overberg during September 2021 please click here.

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