Van Wyksdorp Primary came out to play!

21 Grade 6 and 7 learners from van Wyksdorp PS school’s green club came to Witsand on an educational excursion on Saturday 21 October. After exploring the tidal pool with much excitement, teachers and pupils divided into groups as they went on a beach “cleaning spree”. 2 Bags of rubbish were collected, they also learnt how to use the data collection cards (this info will be sent to PlasticsSA who puts all the info together and send it on to the Oceans Conservancy). The group visited the NSRI Station33 base where they were treated to a demo and a water-wise talk on safety and awareness.

Thank you to the NSRI members who took out the time to do these illustrations with the kids, they surely learned a lot.

Thank you, Pili Pili, for the great service and lunch.

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