Beach Clean-up and Sandcastles: International Coastal Clean-up Day 2017

Another successful beach clean-up done and dusted!

As part of International Coastal Clean-up day 2017, we have invited Heidelberg Christian School, Hessequa municipality’s environmental department and the WESSA Beach stewards to help us clean the beach on Friday, 15th September. After the clean-up, everyone enjoyed their sponsored lunches which were followed by a very fun sandcastle competition that the kids participated in.

To Hessequa Municipality, Plastics SA and DEADP, thank you for the sponsoring of prizes and lunch packs!

About ICC: International Coastal Clean-up day is an annual, worldwide event. Every year people around the world join in the world’s biggest volunteer effort to combat marine pollution and clean up debris. To date, plastic has been found in 62% of all seabirds and in 100% of sea turtle species.


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