LBRCT teach Panorama Primary School how to make water filters

145 Grade 4 pupils of Panorama Primary School learned about water shortages and ways to conserve water during a short presentation on Tuesday, 28 March. The environmental education session closed off with practical during which staff members of the LBRCT taught them how to make water filters.

Learners used recycled 2L bottles and layered them with cotton wool, fine sand, gravel, and stones. The aim was to show them that one can clean water by using these simple homemade water filters and it won’t cost a cent. For most of them, this was something new as some mentioned that they’ve never heard of or seen a water filter before. Learners were excited to see the outcome. They were encouraged to take the idea home and to show others how to make filters, and at the same time sharing the message to save and conserve our water sources.

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