World Wetlands Day 2017

On 02 February 2017 we had a special awareness program that we ran for De Waalville and Vondeling Primary schools.

We taught them what wetlands are, the importance thereof and the wide-ranging impacts of pollution. The children were quite interested throughout the session and chuffed to see how their own wetland models worked. They built their own models with the help of the LBRCT staff and later tested it. The model wetlands were built with 2L bottles and layered with fine sand, coarse sand, stones, and grass. As wetlands work as a water filter, this was what was illustrated. They then tested it by pouring dirty water into the model and waited to see the results. It worked perfectly! The water came out cleaner and little faces lighted up across the room.

More about wetlands:
• Wetlands are like sponges that absorb the water and releases it in a cleaner form, at a very slow rate into underground aquifers as well as water bodies on the ground like rivers and streams. This water ultimately ends up in the sea.
• Wetlands prevents flooding
• It acts as a habitat for a wide range of animals and plants

Let’s take better care of our wetlands, they serve a far more important purpose than we could ever imagine.

Below is a link to the video that was shown during these sessions.


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